Are stress and anxiety the same?

Stress and anxiety or closely related. However, they are very different! Stress is a normal physical response to everyday events that make a person feel threatened in some way. Stress is defined as a perceived or actual disturbance in the balance between mind, brain, and body. It can occur with or without conscious feelings of anxiety, stress, or anger. Most people experience stress in one way or the other every day.

Anxiety is characterized by excessive worry. It is estimated that a general worrier worries 55 minutes a day. By comparison, a person with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)  will worry up to 300 minutes a day. That is 5X more! Most people with GAD describe themselves as constant worriers and acknowledge that this approach to situations is something they have done their entire lives. Often others describe them as “high strung,” “nervous” or “tense.”

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