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Anxiety and Treatment

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What is an anxiety disorder?

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting over 43 million adults in the US over the age 18, or 18% of the population. The median age for anxiety disorders is 19 years old. However, the average onset of any anxiety disorder is 31 years of age. Of those 43 million adults, 2/3 do not get treatment for this disorder. That means that 26.6 Americans are not being treated yearly.

One of the challenges in getting Americans to get treatment is that they are not aware that they have a problem. They think that everyone must feel this way. An easy way to know if you need to talk to a doctor or therapist is to take the quiz and see if you have had three or more of the listed symptoms for six months or longer.

There are many risk factors for anxiety disorders. According to the Mayo Clinic, some of the biggest risk factors include:

  • Trauma. Children who endured abuse or trauma or witnessed traumatic events are at higher risk of developing an anxiety disorder at some point in life. Adults who experience a traumatic event also can develop anxiety disorders.
  • Stress due to an illness. Having a health condition or serious illness can cause significant worry about issues such as your treatment and your future.
  • Stress buildup. A big event or a buildup of smaller stressful life situations may trigger excessive anxiety — for example, a death in the family, work stress or ongoing worry about finances.
  • Personality. People with certain personality types are more prone to anxiety disorders than others are.
  • Other mental health disorders. People with other mental health disorders, such as depression, often also have an anxiety disorder.
  • Having blood relatives with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders can run in families.
  • Drugs or alcohol. Drug or alcohol use or abuse or withdrawal can cause or worsen anxiety.

Women are two times more likely than men to have some form of anxiety. And of the general population, 28.8% will have an anxiety disorder. That means that almost 1/3 of the population will experience some sort of anxiety disorder within their lifetime! If you put that together with the statistic that anxiety sufferers are three times more likely to attempt suicide, then it becomes an even bigger problem.

If you know someone or you are someone that might have an anxiety disorder get help here!